Public Library on InWorldz

We continue to work on the Public / Community Library in the virtual world of InWorldz located on Delphi. The first rough building is finished and now we need to rebuild it with refinements.  It has four floors and an outdoor auditorium. Here are a couple of photos.

Front view public library in inWorldz at Delphi

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz side view

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz side view

Featherburr releases red & white brick lighthouse

For our customers who are looking for a more traditional lighthouse with red, we have released the Featherburr v2.20110729 red and off-white brick lighthouse. We changed the double-doors to ones with lightly carved lighthouse and boat on it.  The price is still $995 IZ (about USD 2.00). The first three (3) People to purchase either lighthouse version will be refunded $300 iz. Just IM Alexina Proctor after you purchase one of the lighthouses.  Lighthouse packages and demos available at Featherburr store on Delphi in inWorldz.

Featherburr releases their first lighthouse for sale in inWorldz

We have just packaged up the Featherburr Lighthouse version 1.20110722 for sale at $995 iz (about USD 2.00). It is available in inWorldz on the Delphi region in the Featherburr store at Delphi (191,39,31) inside the store there is a boxed version. There is a TP in the store entrance up to the lighthouses and pavilions demo platform where you can see a rezzed version.

The lighthouse is 50 meters high and has 4 floors, each with a TP (the wonderful free networked teleport script from Kristen’s Freebie shop on Isle of Anu) pad linked to the build. The revolving light is double and on a slow rotation. Footprint on the ground is 15 meters diameter. The ground door has double knobby wood doors that are scripted to open. The base of rock is 4 meters high to accommodate water and uneven land placement. The lighthouse is 43 prims and a lamp over the door is rezzed with the rez box that is 6 prims.

If you don’t need much space, it is possible to use the lighthouse for living.

See more photos at