Learning Lab Morphs

Bards Writer's Retreat

Recently I participated in a meeting attended by those concerned about the continuation of the Learning Lab on InWorldz.  Somehow, my interest inveigled me into volunteering for the newly formed Advisory Committee.  I am glad it did….I have met people who are investing their time and energy in making this a resource for what IW needs. A survey was undertaken and gratifyingly returned by nearly 100 respondents.  That interaction epitomizes the IW spirit of cooperation.

No one is talking about profit margins; instead the focus is on bringing to InWorldz what our residents need. And there is an air of excitement, even breathlessness, about coming attractions. Presently, the Builders Cathedral can help a novice builder through the steps needed or take a more experienced builder to new heights.  For the future, a particle lab is in the works as well as housing for students and who knows what else lurks in the fertile minds attending this transformation.

It is more than technical marvels, however.  I wandered through Bards Writer’s Retreat, based on Shakespeare’s birthplace, appreciating the care and detail and treasuring the fact that the arts have a firm place at the Learning Lab.  There will be a writers’ group and art classes for those so inclined.  For lovers of beauty, the Giffu Skygardens offer a place to refresh the soul in serenity.

Interior......Bards Writer's Retreat

The most impressive part of the Learning Lab may be the spirit that moves it……….an inclusive spiritual emphasis that brings a greater purpose to its objective.  I await the unfolding of all it promises to offer.  It is right up there with my anticipation of Balpien Hammerer’s new dance machine.  Now that is good company, my friends.