Help InWorldz get a Small Business Loan

Elenia, an InWorldz grid founder, wrote in her InWorldz Forum posting on 28 May 2012:

Many of you are aware that InWorldz is a small business, and as such, one of our absolute biggest challenges is balancing funds with things that are needed for the grid. Paying out payroll, license fees, contractors, not the easiest thing to balance. Our bank, Chase, has an offering for small businesses and we’re going to need YOUR help. They are offering 12 small businesses a $250k grant to help them grow. To do so, we have to fill out an application, then we need 250 votes from our customers. So we’ll be bombarding Twitter, FB, and the site with the information when we’ve finished the application. I think we can all agree on there’s lots of opportunity there for us to push growth more and more help for our grid with that type of help.

Peladon posted the link to vote for InWorldz on a 2 June 2012 forum posting:

On the right hand side of the parchment, it doth say:

“Log in with facebook to support your community”

Once ye have, in that part marked “Business name”, set ye the mark ‘InWorldz’. All should then come clear :-).

There has been some problem with voting because the seems to only take logins for Facebook accounts and some who would like to vote do not have Facebook accounts. However, the vote is increasing steadily. Everyone with a Facebook account who is also on InWorldz — please vote!

Also, Tiana Genesis, who built the wonderful Town Hall — a centralized information place in InWorldz — for her Where Can I Find It? (WCIFI) group, has put up a sign that explains what is needed, gives out the URL and it also gives you a button to wear. The Town Hall is located on Argomann at coordinates 112/122/3901.

WCIFI sign for voting with button giver

WCIFI sign for voting with URL & button giver

Here is Alexina proudly wearing the button. 🙂

Alexina wearing I Voted for InWorldz button

Alexina wearing I Voted for InWorldz button