Visit the 49 sim block of showcase sims for SXSW March 8-10, 2013


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InWorldz founders, development team, “EventsCoordinator InWorldz” (referred to as EC or Eve) and a large number of InWorldz residents have put together an incredible experience for South by Southwest (SXSW) attendees who visit the InWorldz March 8th to March 10th. SXSW is a real world conference in Texas.

You DO NOT have to be an attendee at SXSW to visit the regions. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in virtual worlds to see what InWorldz has to offer. We have a very large number of artists and creators in InWorldz. We also have roleplay communities, in addition to a number of diverse regions including the 40+ regions of Elf Clan. While these are too numerous to list, most are represented in the 49 regions of SXSW on InWorldz.

The Community Library is represented with a build on the Education sim of SXSW and Prax and Alexina have a build, “Safe Haven”, on the Arts and Literature sim.

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Update March 6 – Schedule of Events on the 49-sim block was posted:

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PrimPerfect posted an overview to their blog.

InWorldz invites visitors at the 2013 SXSW Conference to have a glimpse into their grid!.

InWorldz 2012 was fun!

Kate Fosk gathers some of my favorite links about InWorldz happenings at

This week you will find links on Kate’s page, called InWorldz Fun, to a number of the videos taken at the first InWorldz Conference. Prax Maryjasz and I really had a good time and learned a lot at the conference and meeting the founders and a number of people that make our InWorldz experience better, like Balpien Hammerer, Mike Chase, Raven Dulce, and Jim Tarber.

***The link for the archived videos of the presentations at InWorldz 2012 is

We enjoyed having dinner with Mike Chase of the Cataplexia Numbers and Mike Chase team and Prax’s RL daughter, Marstol Nitely (IW and SL). Marstol bombarded him with questions but he did manage to eat some dinner. Thank you Mike for all your help! (Prax sneaks in here and sez….and for a great presentation!)

Bladax Kharg did a presentation about how he uses IW to show his RL clients how their kitchen or home will look and feel. He builds a model, complete with furnishings, and has his clients come into IW to walk around in the build to get the feel of living with the design before it is built in RL. Take a look at the video of his presentation archived at to see a lot of ideas for how to use IW to enhance RL and vice versa! (Prax loved the pirate outfit he wore at the Friday night reception and dinner.)

Prax takes over and writes:  I have been to many conferences but none of them run even a close second to the InWorldz celebration and edification hosted by our founders.  And thanks to the Nerd Herd, those techy marvels from the IW development team and volunteers like Balpien who made it come alive.  It was great meeting the typists for the avatars we know and love…………..sign me up for the next conference…….now!

(Alexina takes over posting.) It was great to finally meet Agnesa Capalini, a member of the board of directors of our Community Library at Delphi in InWorldz.  Community Library 4th floor looking out

Visit our our Community Library and check out the new 4th floor that we will be using for board meetings, book clubs and whatever else fits this Victorian interior. Alex redesigned the roof to accommodate Emilie Seda’s vision for our fourth floor. See more photos at but it is much more fun to visit the library for the whole experience.

See you in InWorldz! –Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor

GRAND OPENING!!! Saturday, February 25

A gathering of Steampunk vehicles at the Community Library on Delphi in InWorldz.

As I stand on the Community Library Plaza, I close my eyes to shield them from the sunlight glinting off the metal behemoths floating above. Duderz Lebowski’s airship and the award winning hot air balloons of Xzavia Yifu and Zauber Paracelsus confound the sky with their Steampunk presence. The hour approaches and I steel myself for the booming chime of clocks adorning the hot air balloon. My gaze moves from its whirring propellers to my personal copy of Zauber’s Cloudgazer skybox. I have poised it in this array so that others may enjoy it while visiting the Steampunk Exhibit which will open on Saturday, February 25 on Delphi as part of our Community Library Grand Opening.

As usual, the people of InWorldz have been generous in participating and in loaning items for the duration of the exhibit. This is truly an exceptional world. Attitudes come from the top down and we are grateful for our founders who are models for us all. And we are especially grateful for all the community support we receive. Check out our donors plaque on the front of the library. Then teleport to attractions from the signboard on the Library Plaza.

We are still working on the third floor of the library and the steampunk exhibit housed there is still under construction. Here are the books, art, movie posters, furnishings and yes, charming oddities of the genre. It has been an exhausting but gratifying process. Oh, and last but not least, on the day of the Opening we will place a vendor with a free Steampunk gift from the Library by one of IW’s premier steampunk creators.
There are surprises yet to come but we are keeping a few ‘sekrits’……

In the meantime, stop by and note our progress on all three floors of the Library and take in the Edo Japanese exhibit by Jillian2000 Quintessa and Moon Satoshi of Tsuki Mura. We bow to and thank our talented Community Library Board without whom none of this would be possible. They are:

  • Alexina Proctor, Library Executive
  • Prax Maryjasz, Library Executive
  • Agnesa Capalini, Board Member
  • Jillian2000 Quintessa, Board Member
  • Wolf Hartnell, Board Member
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