Public Library on InWorldz

We continue to work on the Public / Community Library in the virtual world of InWorldz located on Delphi. The first rough building is finished and now we need to rebuild it with refinements.  It has four floors and an outdoor auditorium. Here are a couple of photos.

Front view public library in inWorldz at Delphi

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz side view

Public Library at Delphi in inWorldz side view

Featherburr releases red & white brick lighthouse

For our customers who are looking for a more traditional lighthouse with red, we have released the Featherburr v2.20110729 red and off-white brick lighthouse. We changed the double-doors to ones with lightly carved lighthouse and boat on it.  The price is still $995 IZ (about USD 2.00). The first three (3) People to purchase either lighthouse version will be refunded $300 iz. Just IM Alexina Proctor after you purchase one of the lighthouses.  Lighthouse packages and demos available at Featherburr store on Delphi in inWorldz.

March 2011 OpenSim grid statistics – Hypergrid Business

March 2011 OpenSim grid statistics – Hypergrid Business. Their statistics show 73 OpenSim grids. Prax and I like keeping an eye on InWorldz where we lease two regions from InWorldz: Delphi and Alexandria. InWorldz currently shows 35,418 users and 858 regions. That is up from the March 2011 statistics on the chart showing 33,332 users and 842 regions.

It is wonderful to see that the user accounts are increasing so fast in InWorldz, as there are a lot of content creators of products and art already there and more users are needed to avail themselves of the content for sale.

In a recent presentation I gave in Second Life about alternative virtual worlds, I mentioned the reasons that Prax Maryjasz and I are in InWorldz.

  • We can own a couple of private regions, as they are currently $75 a month with a one-time $75 set-up fee. I love to terraform and create environments, so these two regions give me room to experiment.
  • We get 45,000 prims per region on private regions. Compare that with 15,000 prims in Second Life . No more worrying about having to take something into inventory so that we can work on a build. Furthermore, the maximum size of a prim can be stretched to 128m, which means you can use fewer prims on some builds!
  • The founders listen to the needs of the users.
  • The avatars of InWorldz are pioneers, creative, and helpful. The social climate is great and there is a feeling of excitement about finally having an affordable place that supports content creators.
  • The exchange rate is good. USD 1 = 500 iz. Compare that to SL USD 1 = around L$250 — getting worse everyday.
  • They are now introducing a new script engine called Phlox, that is 99% compatible with LSL.  See posting:

Is InWorldz perfect? No. I would like to see voice, as Prax and I are planning a tour for a group of LIS students/faculty from SL and it would be easier in voice. I guess we can do a Skype conference call as we TP around to the various InWorldz regions.

There is also the issue of the physics engine. I understand that just as soon as the new script engine — Phlox — is installed everywhere that they will give more time to the physics engine. The issue is that in InWorldz I have seen  wonderful builds of planes, trains, automobiles, boats and horses, but they need a physics engine to be really useful.

We are patient. InWorldz just celebrated their second birthday. They have come a long way in a short time.

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