Virtual Worlds and Content Creator Protections

On April 11, 2011, Designing Worlds on broadcast episode 123, which was a panel discussion titled “Content Protection in Open Sim”. The description of the show is:

A lively discussion about Open Sim content issues and copyright protection in a Hypergrid-enabled world. Saffia and Elrik welcome Maria Korolov, Elenia Llewellyn, Mal Burns, Raven Haalan and Pathfinder Lester to the show.

If you are a content creator, then this is worth watching. There is no current solution, but the panel had a lot of ideas. They appeared to agree that a virtual world such as Secondlife or InWorldz and the 50000* or so other virtual worlds need a better permissions system for content so that content can be marked as shareable among worlds or not according to the creator’s permission.  Currently, there are only copy, modify, and transfer permissions that applies just to the world in which the content is created. One panelist talked about watermarks like are created for images on the Web.

*See SFGate 2011 March 31 article “Virtual World Web Reaches 50,000 Virtual Worlds” at

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