Featherburr releases their first lighthouse for sale in inWorldz

We have just packaged up the Featherburr Lighthouse version 1.20110722 for sale at $995 iz (about USD 2.00). It is available in inWorldz on the Delphi region in the Featherburr store at Delphi (191,39,31) inside the store there is a boxed version. There is a TP in the store entrance up to the lighthouses and pavilions demo platform where you can see a rezzed version.

The lighthouse is 50 meters high and has 4 floors, each with a TP (the wonderful free networked teleport script from Kristen’s Freebie shop on Isle of Anu) pad linked to the build. The revolving light is double and on a slow rotation. Footprint on the ground is 15 meters diameter. The ground door has double knobby wood doors that are scripted to open. The base of rock is 4 meters high to accommodate water and uneven land placement. The lighthouse is 43 prims and a lamp over the door is rezzed with the rez box that is 6 prims.

If you don’t need much space, it is possible to use the lighthouse for living.

See more photos at