• Wellspring

    Wellspring on Kitely

    Wellspring is a 64-region world of contrasts. There are Victorian, Steampunk, Fantasy, two regions for Weefolk, a vardo camp, long tunnels and caves, and an underwater fantasy. There is also a year round ice rink with free skates and skating AO, waterways for boating with a rezzable cardboard boat for you to sail (it will not sink),  parks, several freebie stores and the famed Sendalonde Community Library that was once well known on InWorldz and beyond. Hogwarts Great Hall built by Dawn Greymyst is in the Fantasy and Magic area.  Wellspring is lag free and runs on a dedicated server.  On January 31, 2021 we upgraded to an AWAYS-ON world, so there will be no waiting for the world to start on demand. You…

  • Weefolk Township

    What’s Up At Weefolk Township?

    Dance Pavillion

    Rides! Dancing! Homes to live in for free — what a deal! Free Weefolk avatars brought to you by Ossifer Snoots Dwagon! Community! Fun! Come visit us and join the Weefolk Township group if you want to hear about the parties (secret except to those who join the group). We are building a community of Weefolk. What are Weefolk you ask? According to Snoots Dwagon, “Tiny, Dinkie, Wee and Teenies are terms used for small avatars in virtual worlds, usually thigh-high or smaller.” You can read the backstory at http://elfclan.spruz.com/pt/Tinies-for-Biggies–What-are-Tinies/blog.htm The Weefolk Township opened for business in early September 2020. Snoots has been working all hours of the day and night–yes, saw him…

  • Sendalonde Library,  Weefolk Township,  Wellspring

    New Blog – New World

    This new blog created in September 2020 is to support our love of virtual worlds and to let others know what we are doing. For now, it is about the Wellspring world on the Kitely grid. Wellspring is a world of contrasts. It is 16-regions. The main highlights are the Sendalonde Community Library, the new Weefolk Township, Hogwart’s Great Hall, a vardo camp, and residential areas for Victorian / Steampunk and Contemporary / Modern. There are also two Freebie stores in the two separate shopping centers and Freebie carts at Weefolk Township, where you can pick up a Tiny avatar and join the Weefolk Township — free homes to live…