Sendalonde Library

Postings about the Sendalonde Community Library on Wellspring in Kitely.

  • Sendalonde Library,  Weefolk Township,  Wellspring

    New Blog – New World

    This new blog created in September 2020 is to support our love of virtual worlds and to let others know what we are doing. For now, it is about the Wellspring world on the Kitely grid. Wellspring is a world of contrasts. It is 16-regions. The main highlights are the Sendalonde Community Library, the new Weefolk Township, Hogwart’s Great Hall, a vardo camp, and residential areas for Victorian / Steampunk and Contemporary / Modern. There are also two Freebie stores in the two separate shopping centers and Freebie carts at Weefolk Township, where you can pick up a Tiny avatar and join the Weefolk Township — free homes to live…